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Our first contact with Dennis Lyon was in 1997 after we secured land to build our office building.  He was recommended by our Contractor as one who was familiar with the "design-build" concept.

The Contractor provided Dennis a project budget.  With this constraint in mind, plus the neighborhood concerns, Dennis developed a structure of residential nature yet with a business appeal using appropriate materials and design to satisfy all concerned.  He was in contact with us constantly (in person, by telephone, fax, and letters) keeping us informed of all aspects of the design process and soliciting our opinion and input.

Throughout the entire "design build" process, we felt Dennis did an excellent job keeping costs within budget using economical design and providing creative solutions for the unexpected problems which occurred during the construction period.  He was very responsive to challenges and acted in a timely fashion.

We have had many positive comments about our building concerning both the exterior and interior design.  We highly recommend Dennis Lyon to anyone seeking an Architect to design and manage his or her project.

Eugene D. Vannice
National Detail

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